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We have lots of wonderful animals available for adoption, but this is one of the special ones that we would like to bring to your attention.


Einstein - Boxer / Lab mix


The PitBull: A Misunderstood Breed

Who we are and our mission

We are a small group of rescuers in the Omaha, NE area that do this in our spare time because of our love for the animals. We all have jobs that we have to go to everyday, just like you. We do not have a shelter, so many of our pets are in foster homes. We rescue animals from shelters, clinics, and private homes that are in danger of being euthanized. We do not concentrate on any one breed because we love them all. Nothing would make us as happy as sending one of our many animals to a wonderful home with a loving family to live out their lives being spoiled to death.


Dog walk for Charity 09/29/2012




This event was to benefit sick children overseas, which is an incredible cause run by some very nice local people. We hope that our participation helped to make this a successful event.


Tips for a happier, healthier pet


No Pets Left Behind is a huge advocate of spaying and neutering your pets. Every hour in the U.S., it is estimated that more than 70,000 dogs and cats are born a day in the United States, compared to 10000 humans per day. Many of these animals will be euthanized. It is estimated that at least 61% of dogs and 75% of cats in shelters will be euthanized. The Humane Society of the United States estimates that 6 to 8 MILLION dogs and cats will be euthanized each year. Other organizations have estimates clear up to 15 million!!! So, by altering our pets, we will not only be contributing to their better health, we could be potentially saving millions of lives.  Being involved in rescue, we see alot of things that break our hearts. Pet overpopulation is one of the biggest problems that can be fixed. We can all make a difference. Many areas have organizations that offer low cost spay and neuter programs. For information please contact your local shelter, veterinarian or animal control center for information on how to get in contact with these organizations and take advantage of their programs. We can all do our part to control pet overpopulation by making sure our pets do not add to these statistics. The following is a great website for statistics on pet overpopulation:

Process for adopting a pet


If you are interested in one of our wonderful animals needing a forever home, please contact one of the people on our "Contact Us" page. All of us work full-time jobs, so it may take several hours for us to get back to you. It is usually best to email, or text message, if you can - that way we can easily send you an application.
Our adoption process begins with an application. Once we have received and approved your application, we will contact you and set up a meeting for you and the animal you are interested in. We will then do a home visit. In most cases we will try to introduce you to the pet in your home. That way we can do the introduction, dog/cat introduction (if applicable), and the home visit at the same time. When you adopt a pet, you must sign a contract with us. This contract specifies basic requirements in regard to treatment of that pet. They are reasonable, common-sense requirements, which include not leaving your pet in a hot car, providing good food and fresh water, keeping veternarian care current, etc. It also requires that you return the pet to No Pets Left Behind if the adoption does not work out. This applies for the life of the pet. We do not want our pets to ever end up in a shelter again!

Our adoption fees vary and are based on how much money we have to spend for vet care. All of our pets are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, tested for heartworm, and micro-chipped. They are also given necessary preventatives and treatments so that we can keep them healthy. We do our best to give you a healthy pet at adoption time.

Please click on her picture and visit our tribute to our lost friend and founder, Carla Rasmussen who was taken from us too soon by cancer. She was the most amazing person that many of us have known, or will ever meet and we all miss her more than can be said with words.

NPLB - Announcement 


We at No Pets Left Behind are happy to announce that the abused pit bulls who were found in the Loess Hills that made it through, have all been placed with other rescues who can better suit their needs for medical care and rehabilitation. This was a long and heartbreaking process, but well worth it when you see what these poor animals have been through, and even more so when you get to know them and see their spirit. They have all been through hell, but still want nothing more than simple affection from a human. The following is a link to a web page dedicated to all of the dogs and their journey home.


The Loess Hills Abused Dogs



Application for Adoption
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Owner Release


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Adoption Contract


        Adoption Contract
Saving just one animal won't change the world.......... But surely the world will change for that one animal!!!!!!